Vi hjälper dig hitta balansen i vardagen

Här hittar du allt för en hälsosam livsstil. Jag erbjuder färdiga program, kurser och personlig coaching direkt i din telefon.
Om du har fått en kod kan du ange den ovan för att anpassa utbud/priser, annars är det bara att titta runt bland våra program och kurser via huvudmenyn. Vi ses där inne!

Smart plans for all

We know that you’ll get a higher chance of success with a goal and a plan for your wellbeing. Check out our plans and courses and pick one to achieve. Conquer it on your terms, wherever you are!


A Coach by your side - always

All plans are created by professionals - some plans and courses even include a direct connection to chat with a coach or trainer. Whether you wonder about a specific exercise, have questions about what to eat or how to deal with goal setting - fire your question away and get the conversation going in the Twiik app.

Boost & Get Boosted

Many plans come with social groups - and you can even invite your friends to join in. Get your friends aboard and follow each others journey. Reach further together!


Connect your favourite apps

Log all your exercise in the Twiik app directly or link your favorite apps to do the job for you. Twiik supports most of today’s most popular running and exercise apps and trackers - collect your statistics in one place and se your habits from a new angle.


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Om du har fått en kod så fyll den nedan för att få tillgång till speciella utbud eller priser.

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How does this work?


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Use the same login for the web and the app. You can create a free Twiik account if you don't have one.


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Browser our products and find one for you.


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